Always believe

The Curse

There is a curse…a curse that most people wouldn’t even consider a curse. This curse wasn’t always a curse, as there use to be a time when it was applauded and respected. 

But nowadays this act is more a curse than anything else. It’s a curse that affects less than 15% of men. What is this curse? The good guy.

Being the good guy sounds good, girls are always calling you a sweetheart, saying how nice you are. etc. But in reality being the good guy is nothing but friendzone bait. 

Thus it’s a curse, because no matter how many girls compliant you personality, they won’t date you because you’re safe. Because you’re too nice. Because you’re too honest. Because they are only interested in good guys who look like the fake, actors on the TV screen whom play good guys…

This is a fact of life and something you shrug you shoulders and say eh, well… life goes on.

The problems in Relationships

There is a number of reasons why relationships have issues, one is people who over use the words “me”, “you”, “I”.

Relationships are a 2 person event. People need to realize it isn’t about you, it isn’t about me, and it isn’t what I gotta do or what you gotta do. 

Instead of using those words, plug in “We” and plug in “us”. What we gotta do.

Instead of do this for me, how, about do this for use. Stop making relationships a solo act that has a minor supporting actor.

Instead of you need to or anything involving the word you. Plug in we need to.

The point is, it’s a equals thing. A relationship should be based off you and that person being equals not one person being ahead of the other. 

Walking side by side not in front or behind each other. 

If that sounds to hard to do, then in reality you aren’t a relationship person, you are only meant to be in flings nothing serious.

I want You(Free Verse)

April is National Poem month, so I figured I’d end the month with another free verse poem.

There’s no playing games….No not sure’s….No other person.

I say it bluntly and with honesty…I want you. I want you to be the first person I think of in the morning…I want you to be the last person I talk to before bed….

I want you to be my best friend….I want you to be my motivation.

I want you to be my queen, ruling this kingdom with me…I want you to be by my side, and me by your side…no matter the obsoletes life throws.

 The yin to my yang..The Bonnie to this Clyde….The Wilma to this Fred Flintstone.

I’m the President and you’re the first lady…simple as that.

So end the games, and make it official….because I want you.

Moon and Sun(Free verse Poem)

I am the moon, she is the sun…

She is the light of day, the star of being…

But as much as I’m drawn to what is so bright, I differ from her like the moon from the sun.

I am cold, my silence and shyness is like the mystery of the dark side of the moon…Hidden.

We are all most nothing alike, but they said opposites attract… So is their hope? They say it’s Yin and Yang, not Yin and Yin. 

I don’t just want to hold her hand, I want to hold her….hold her through any and everything life throws at her…at us. Hold her through any pain. Hold her through any joys…

But at the end of the day, no matter what I think, how I feel, what I want….she is the Sun and I am the Moon.

And with that, we will never collide.