World’s Greatest Thief

Ever hear the story of the world’s greatest thief? This thief could steal anything. No vault could be secured enough to stop him. His cunning words was just as good as his skills. He could talk a miser out of his last coin. He could steal the Mona Lisa and replace it with a copy painting of his own and nobody would ever notice.

Thieves always think about a big score or one last score…

But this thief could never pull off the biggest score. As to him the biggest score, the perfect heist…was to steal the heart of one he longed for.

As he spoke to her, he said “Allow me to commit the perfect crime, I steal your heart….as you’ve already stolen mines.”

She smiled and never replied….

Always believe

I want You(Free Verse)

April is National Poem month, so I figured I’d end the month with another free verse poem.

There’s no playing games….No not sure’s….No other person.

I say it bluntly and with honesty…I want you. I want you to be the first person I think of in the morning…I want you to be the last person I talk to before bed….

I want you to be my best friend….I want you to be my motivation.

I want you to be my queen, ruling this kingdom with me…I want you to be by my side, and me by your side…no matter the obsoletes life throws.

 The yin to my yang..The Bonnie to this Clyde….The Wilma to this Fred Flintstone.

I’m the President and you’re the first lady…simple as that.

So end the games, and make it official….because I want you.